How To Accept Menopause in a Positive Way

Menopause is considered to be another change in the cycle of a woman's life. Each and every woman reacts differently to it. Some view it as a "new lease on life", encompassing all of the physical, emotional, and sexual freedom associated with it and others see it as an end to that part of life which is fulfilling and nurturing. Depending upon the symptoms and their severity, one can look upon menopause in a positive manner, while simply dismissing the associated drawbacks as just a part of the overall process.

The acceptance of menopause, when viewed as a positive benefit, is most likely associated with these immediate benefits; you do not have to deal with monthly menstrual cycles which include cramping, bloating and mood swings. You can have sex as often as you like without having to worry about becoming pregnant. Reportedly, sex is even better than before. Your relationships reach an entirely new level of communication. Menopause is the quintessential sign that you have reached an emotional and physical maturity to be able to handle anything that life throws at you.

You can accept menopause in a positive way by embracing life and living it to its fullest. While most women accept the changes their bodies will undergo over time, menopause allows you the opportunity to embrace your body and the changes it is going through.

Remember what it was like when you had your first period? I'n fact, you probably looked forward to that time. While you may have felt a bit awkward, nonetheless, your body changed, and you blossomed into a woman. The same is true of menopause; during menopause there are some periods of awkwardness as you learn to adapt to your changing body, both physically and emotionally. However once you have passed through this period you will blossom once again into your mature self, an empowered women filled with wonder and excitement.

Just as you accepted and embraced your rise to womanhood, it is important to recreate the same feeling of happiness. This is another milestone in your life which should be embraced with positive mental and emotional thought. Loving relationships, intimacy, and communication are parts of the circle of life after menopause. There are always other women you can talk to and discuss what you are going through. Their comfort and reassurance will guide you to a path of immeasurable freedom and joy.

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