Bone Density Tests

As we get older, there are certain conditions that we may have to deal with which are not typically felt whenever we are younger. A good example of this is osteoporosis, or weakening of the bones. For a number of different reasons, our bones become weaker as we get older. It may be because of a lack of minerals in our body, such as phosphorus and calcium. Regardless of why it happens, however, it is good to have bone density tests done on a regular basis in order to make sure that we are not suffering from osteoporosis.

It is recommended that once a woman hits the age of 65 that she has regular bone density tests done. If she is at a particularly high risk for osteoporosis, she should begin having them after the age of 60. Although there is not necessarily a set time limit between bone density tests, it is often thought that up to two years is necessary in order to truly know if the density of the bones is getting less or not over time. Knowing that you have a problem with osteoporosis because of taking these tests can help you to ward off problems that would have really been serious had they been allowed to stay.

You might be interested to know that there is really no preparation that is needed in order to go in for any of the bone density tests that can be given. The entire process as painless and it is little more than lying on the table and allowing a scan to take place. You should know that a bone scan is a different thing than a bone density test, as a bone scan is more invasive and is typically looking for breaks or perhaps something serious, such as cancer.

If you find out that you do have osteoporosis as a result of your bone density tests, there are some things that can be done in order to correct it, at least to a certain extent. Two of the ways that medical science handles the situation are through hormone therapy and prescription medication, much the way that they handle almost any medical situation that they come up against. One of the best things that you can do, however, is to take measures to prevent osteoporosis in the first place.

Although it is always a good idea to have these bone density tests done on a regular basis, you should make sure that you are getting plenty of exercise and eating properly so that osteoporosis does not become an issue. Although it would be best if you got your calcium and other minerals in their natural form, it may also help if you take a supplement on a daily basis. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so make sure that you are doing your part in order to prevent osteoporosis.

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