Multiple Births

Having a baby is one of the most joyful things that we can go through as humans but there may be times whenever the situation is a little more stressful than what we had bargained for. This is the case whenever it comes to multiple births, something that most parents are not prepared for whenever they first decide to go down this road. Even though it can be a rather stressful situation, however, it can also be one of the most joyful things that can happen if it is handled properly.

The most common type of multiple births is whenever twins are born. There are actually two different types of twins, fraternal and identical. In identical twins, those children are going to come from a single egg which splits, very early in the pregnancy. Identical twins share much of the same genetic makeup because of coming from the same combination of sperm and egg. That is why they often look alike and have many of the same natural tendencies as one another. It is also interesting to note that identical twins often grow in the same sack and share the same placenta, unless the egg split very early in the pregnancy. Fraternal twins, on the other hand come about as a result of two different eggs being fertilized at the same time. Each of these eggs will develop into its own child and although they may have some family similarities, they do not look identical to each other.

Triplets are another form of multiple births that is relatively common. This is whenever three children grow inside of the womb at the same time. Triplets can either come from three separate eggs or a combination of identical twins and a second egg. Although they are not as common as twins, they do happen relatively often and it is becoming more common to see triplets and other multiple births as a result of some of the fertility drugs that are now being taken by many women.

Something that is fairly interesting is that multiple births often happen in relatively close succession to each other. Although we may take this for granted and really not think that it is anything out of the ordinary, it would not be out of the question for one baby to have stayed inside of the womb longer than the other one. Because of the restricted size of the womb and the fact that both babies are growing inside of it, the births often happen one after the other. Most women are fairly happy for this because nobody would want to have to go through labor and then turn around and have to go through it again, several days later.

Multiple births are what many people consider to be an instant family and it can put somewhat of a burden on the parents, both financially and mentally. With strong support from everybody involved, however, it can be one of the greatest things that life can offer you.

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