The Contraceptive Patch Risks versus Benefits

Many people consider contraceptives to be part of responsible planned parenting. It is certainly true that when used properly, they can help to prevent pregnancies when they may be undesirable at this time. Although you have a lot of different options whenever it comes to that type of contraceptives that you're going to use, most women consider using the contraceptive patch instead of using the pill.

The contraceptive patch is simply a way of delivering the hormones that are needed in order to keep you from getting pregnant. The way that it is delivered is through something that is known as transdermal medication. Basically, it is medicine that is delivered through the skin and absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Let's take a look at some of the risks that are involved with using the contraceptive patch as well as some of the main benefits that you will receive by using it. This can help you to make your decision as to whether you are interested in using the contraceptive patch or if you will go with a more traditional type of birth control, such as the pill.

The benefits of using the contraceptive patch are fairly easy to recognize. Many women find that taking a pill every day is a little bit difficult to do, especially with the busy lives that they tend to lead. The contraceptive patch is very convenient because you only apply it to the skin one time and it works until it is time to apply at another. As a matter of fact, the contraceptive patch is usually more effective than the pill because most women forget to take a pill or two every month.

One of the main risks that is associated with the contraceptive patch is blood clots. Of course, you run the risk of having blood clots, regardless of what types of contraceptives you plan to use. There may also be some risk of cardiovascular disease when a woman is using the contraceptive patch. It seems that this risk may be increased if the woman is also a smoking so it is usually recommended that you do not smoke in conjunction with using a contraceptive patch. Of course, it is always a good idea not to smoke anyway. In a past study, about 12% of everybody that was using the patch ended up stopping because they were either experiencing nausea, breast discomfort, headache or emotional difficulties.

You should talk to your doctor if you would like to try the contraceptive patch for yourself. He will help you to understand more of the risks and benefits that are involved with using this type of contraceptive. You will then be able to make an informed decision and perhaps try the patch for a month or two to see how well it works for you. If you are able to use the patch regularly, you will probably enjoy the convenience that it gives to you.

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